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  1. So our season is on the edge of being done. What kind of acquisitions can we hope to expect. When the Oilers traded Maroon they got the rights to JD Dudek. I'm guessing he will end up on the roster. Patrick Maroon becomes a free agent in July and wants to return to Edmonton. I am wondering if his trade wasn't a smart business plan with P.C. knowing he would be easily available again for the 2018/19 season. Will he be brought back?
  2. We have seen Todd McLellan coaching the Oilers for their third season. Is he worth what the franchise has paid? Yes, they did well last year, but this year they are, dare I say, an embarrassment. Who do we attribute it to? Is it a lack of guiding and managing by the coach or an unwillingness to listen. I'm trying to rationalize what has happened to the team this year and I keep coming back to poor coaching technique. I do not think he is worth what he is being paid. Where is the guidance for these kids?
  3. Hello my fellow Oilers fans! There is a small online/live auction going on at Lethbridge Auction Depot with a decent amount of autographed Oilers/NHL memorabilia. Yes, it is my stuff at this auction -- but I want it to go to real fans! I don't want it to get into the hands of people who just want to mark it up to take advantage of Oilers fans' loyalty. The auction is online, with a final live-auction in April in Lethbridge (where all the memorabilia can be viewed). I've made the initial bids cheap because I don't have room to store everything and need to liquidate. I want a real fan to get this stuff! Not some scalper-type person who will later rip off a real fan.
  4. Just wanted to say have been a die hard edmonton oilers fan for over 20 years now following every game with a passion. what we saw last night was the biggest let down in edmonton oilers history. shame on you guys. some of us die hards almost fainted in disbelief from what we saw, like win 3-2 thats ok from their momentum, not lose 4-3, again im sick to my stomach from this team how they let that happen absolutely no support in front of talbot who played amazing, the front d men should feel ashamed of themselves for that. If the oilers lose the series, will never be an edmonton oilers fan again and i swear as they have hurt us so much emotionally and physically. Just not worth it giving up our work time to catch the games, losing our voices, sleepless nights thinking about the dumb loses, shifting the mood in our days from the upsets etc... Anyways i have about 1000 edmonton oiler followers who agree with me on never becoming an oilers fan again should they lose the series. and trust me they are all die hards. please screeners do not delete this message, pass it to the team, they deserve to hear it, hopefully it wakes them up to win the series as all our hearts are with them to win it and cover their biggest mistake which they had full control of. anyways take care
  5. Anybody living in Calgary know of a great place to watch Oilers games? Any "Oiler friendly" pubs out there?
  6. Thank goodness we weren't going to see Nikitin AND Clendenning in the lineup. http://oilers.nhl.com/club/blogpost.htm?id=45690 Edit: Hahaha, old news! That's what I get for working nights!
  7. I've done some reading and it seems everyone has their opinion about Connor McDavid and his chances of winning the Calder Trophy this year. Some rule him out completely, while others give unrealistic expectation on what he has to do like score at a pace of 3-4ppg for the remaining 40. This is my opinion. Connor can no longer be a runaway contender for the trophy but I believe he can get himself into contention by doing three things when he gets back. 1: He has to maintain a 1 ppg average for the remainder of the season. If he could be closer to the 2 ppg average would help him greatly. 2: He has to show how much he means to this team. In the remaining games he needs to show his leadership and help this team climb the standings. Not necessarily into a playoff position but out of the basement of the league and into a middle of the pack. The closer to a playoff position we get, the better his chances are of winning the Calder. Obviously this will take a team effort, but if McDavid rises from this injury and leads this team, I believe the rest of the Oilers will follow his lead. 3: Stay healthy. If Connor is to have any chance at all he will need to stay healthy and on his game for the remainder of the season. I'd like to hear what Oiler Nation has to say about this. Who do you think will win this year if not Connor?
  8. Adding toughness and Size to our line up here in Edmonton is not only a Chiarelli trademark but a MUST IMO! It would be a dream come true to add a Milan Lucic or a Kyle Okposo to the line up along side Zack Kassian to really step up our gritty play, especially on the upper scoring lines. Now my question to you all is: Who would we have a better chance at obtaining? Could we possibly get either? What would it take to get them? Thanks guys!
  9. The new GM Chiarelli has said he is looking for the Oilers to play a harder game. Now, with Todd McClellan as new head coach, what general system do you see TM putting in that allows the majority of the current roster to play to their strengths while minimizing their weaknesses? This doesn't cover any trades/free agent signings/promotions/draft picks that may happen between now and the season start. Feel free to add/discuss these after you've suggested a general system and how these tweeks improve the Oilers.
  10. We lack many things on this team, one of them being speed. Another is size. Nelson has proved he can make players out of our prospects. Anyone who has watched this team recently can see what he has done for Ebs, Yak, Lander, Klef, Schultz, and Nuge. I believe he is the right coach for this team. Get rid of that gargoyle Keith Acton and find another experienced assistant and we're set. With a need for size and speed, why not bring back Magnus Paajarvi? He's young, big, fast, more mature than we when last had him here. He doesn't need to be a big scorer here. He would be cheap to acquire as STL just had him on waivers earlier this year. He's a victim of being on the deepest team in the league. spending a couple years in that organization would do wonders for any player. Nelson could turn him into a two way winger who is a threat on the PK. He knows most of this team still. I never post and could not figure out how to post a link to a video, but I found a couple on YouTube that show all his goals with us. I forgot just how useful he was here, Seeing him score goals around the net and blaze past defenders using his speed is refreshing. Bring Magnus home. Hall-Nuge-Eberle Pouliot-Roy-Yakupov Paajarvi-Lander-Purcell Hendricks-Gordon-Klink That has the makings of a quick roster. Start Drai in the minors next year. Trade Purcell as soon as you can and plug in Pitlick. More grit and speed.
  11. I have to say MacT's last few moves were good. The dynamic of the team has changed, points are coming from more than one line and our defense has vastly improved, and that has Scrivens looking confident. Bringing Nelson up was a great move also. What a difference in team play.
  12. Which prospects do you think could challenge for a roster spot on the Oilers? Lander and Arco both have 1 way contracts so I think they more or less have spots to lose but anyone else? For me (best odds to worst odds): 1. Marincin: played 40+ games last season and was the team top defender is at least 20 of those games. Barring a massive trade I'd say he's a lock. Also partners very well with Petry 2. Klefbom: in his 19 games last season he definitely improved by leaps and bounds from game to game. Unless Nurse comes into camp and blows everyone away I would think he'll made the team on the 3rd pairing. (several media sources have him as early calder contender) 3. Pittlick: Fast, hard hitting, decent size. Has 10 or so NHL games under his belt where he was very inconsistent but look great when he was going. Probably the most NHL ready foward in OKC after Lander and Arco 4. Nurse: I dont doubt he has the skill to make the team, he likely could have made it last year but was sent down so not to rush him. To me Klefbom and Nurse are battling for one spot, and I think its Kleboms to lose. 5. Moroz: 6'3 215lbs players that can score 35goals in the CHL are hard to come by and his physical play would bring a great element to the bottom 6. Likely is a better player already than Gazdic and Joensuu but likely starts in OKC to learn the pro game. is a proven winner with 2 memorial cups trips under his belt. 6. Simpson: An older prospect at 21 and played 4 full years of college hockey where he was named an allstar in in conference twice. Big body with solid 2 way play. Very much an unknown commodity but could instantly become the top guy in OKC if the hype is for real.
  13. We seriously need to ease up on goaltending in this city. I've heard it argued that players can't spread their wings when they're worried about every mistake ending up in their own net but what about the goalie? What kind of pressure does it put on a guy to pitch a shutout every night because your team can't find the oppositions net more than once or twice a game? Not to mention that every save has to be clean and perfect because you can't trust your d'men to pick up the trailers should you allow a rebound. Good on Fasth for finally voicing his opinion of the teams play the other night; they've been hanging goalies out to dry for three years and did it to Scrivens again last night. I was excited to see the Big Easy get his shot last year after a pretty solid campaign the year before but things went south in a hurry. This year the Big Dube appears to be right back to where I expected with a .922 save % on a less than stellar Coyote team. I was one of Eakins biggest detractors but if history has taught us anything it's that he's right; we need to be more patient. In only 18 months MacT has moved what.. 16 players, one goalie coach and two head coaches? This team is the definition of turmoil. We, the fans, have noticed how much better several players have become on different teams but I am now convinced that we simply gave up on many of them waayy to fast. I'd still like to see a decent, offensive minded mentor brought in but at this point, I'd actually opt for stability before any further moves. So, my message to MacT; the season is gone, NO MORE MOVES. Give these guys a chance to gel and work through whatever adversities exist in the locker room. Let them grow together and experience the pain they are enduring; it will make them stronger in the long run. No more band-aids, no more promises; Eakins gave us a time line to expect success and frankly, I think he's right. There's no way we see playoffs until the new arena so we might as well sit back and let the team know that we've got their backs.
  14. LINK: this is pretty harsh THE EDMONTON WALK OF SHAME Big doses of negative feedback for the players... Worst fan awards .. Public Shaming http://prohockeytalk.nbcsports.com/2014/11/23/tough-crowd-oilers-fans-loudly-boo-team-after-loss/
  15. Just got beeped by Trade Centre App: We traded with Leafs to acquire Dman Mark Fraser Send Hartikainen and Cam Abney their way. Thoughts on the trade? I have never heard of Abney
  16. It has been a rough year so far. Amazing performance in night by Scrivens and glad Dallas spoke about the game the way he did. Even with 3 wins in a row we are just keeping up to everyone ahead of us and creating separation between Buffalo. I think Buffalo has solidified 30 spot without a doubt, and this is before they trade some guys away. Where do you think we will end up? If we keep up the winning, how far up can we possibly go? Being that most teams have 3 games in hand on us really sucks as well. Realistically I think we will be 27 - 29 and I hope we get a decent draft pick. The best I think we could even do is maybe to crack 25 but that would be one of those good old 8 - 10 game winning streaks that we used to be able to pull off late in the season along with many wins on either side of that streak.
  17. With McDavid being the biggest prize in years, how many teams decide to rebuild come summer? Will there be a mass sell off in the off-season, and if there is who are the prime targets we look to for trades? I can see Calgary is in dire straits and is already rumored to be liquidating, nothing much for us to pick over because they are close to an AHL team already. Other teams to watch for looking to off load pieces might be Vancouver, Ottawa, NY Islanders, Florida, Buffalo, Philadelphia... and Nashville? My interest would be Ottawa for Zach Smith or Colin Greening, Vancouver for Jason Garrison, Alex Edler, Dan Hamhuis or Ryan Kessler, NY Islanders for Kyle Okposo or Travis Hamonic, Florida for Shawn Matthias, Scottie Upshall, Erik Gudbranson or Dmitry Kulikov, Buffalo nobody, Philadelphia for Sean Couturier, Brayden Schenn, Wayne Simmonds, Braydon Coburn, Andrej Meszaros or Luke Schenn, Nashville for Shea Weber. I realize some of the players I listed are not upgrades in point production, but almost all bring decent defensive skills and considerable grit. Yes Meszaros has a massive contract, but he is a good defender with a massive cannon from the point. All the players in Vancouver play 200' with grit, Okposo would cost Eberle+ most likely but once again plays a heavier game(Closer to Hall). I doubt we make a lot of big moves, perhaps one trade with multiple assets moving. Could this be the time to talk Nashville into moving Weber? Nashville is loaded with defensive talent, but has nobody playing offense. Weber will come with a hefty price tag but reasonable thinking states they will never win a cup with Weber eating up salary and nobody scoring goals. As to what it might cost us I would guess Hall or Nuge, with Klefbom or Gagner, the 1st this year and probably some cash. I am still on the fence as to whether one player is worth that much but if anyone is he would be the guy. For half the game we would be assured a decent defender on the ice because he would probably play nearly 30 minutes a game. Who better to groom Nurse? I still doubt Weber moves anywhere, but Nashville should be open to reason with the talent they have on the back end, plus there are numerous hockey people out there mentioning the possibility of a trade for him which might mean there are legs to the story. If Nashville completed a trade similar to the one I offered and had a chance at McDavid the entire organization would be better off. These ideas come with the understanding that you cannot tank without giving up skill for future assets and draft picks. We could be well suited to trade some future draft picks and perhaps Klefbom to acquire some assets farther along in their development. It will be interesting to see how the trade deadline pans out because the better market will be in the off-season but will we be over paying when it becomes a frenzy? I know I wouldn't mind having a shot at McDavid and we have been in dire straits since the 90's. Time will tell.
  18. I am sorry but the NHL players in the Olympics aren't really doing it for me this go around. Maybe its because I am working and the time difference makes it impossible for me to watch. I find I go to turn on the Sports news at the end of the night and ..... nothing. Lets get these Olympics done ASAP so that I can get back to watching some real hockey. I
  19. I heard Eakins getting frustrated with one of the reporters last night and I don't blame him. Some of the questions that are asked by Oilers media are getting starting to get a little old. Two reporters that I have in mind, to keep their anonymity I will refer to them as Spark Mekter and Schmerry Schmones. Seriously I get that some of these guys think they know the game and will ramble on about some aspect of the game for 2 minutes and in the end it the coach or whomever they are interviewing will just answer with a yes or no half the time. Just as a point of interest, Van Schlencer used to be really bad for the 2 minute lead up to a yes or no question. Are all reporters this way or is it just the sports reporters? We have heard the cliches from the players and coaches and now I think the journalists are falling into the same rut. Time for sports journalists to ask some off the wall questions and make these guys think. Come up with something interesting. Sure, the team is losing and I think we understand that now. Lets take some time to be creative Edmonton Media, that is all I am asking.
  20. I have known for years that players offer up their time for charity such as spending time at the Stollery and assiting at other events...but I need more. You hear stories about how some of these players and coaches, including their families, are treated poorly in public because we have a losing record. Place a positive story about your experience with one of the Oilers past and present. Even just a great game experience. My experiences are limited so I will take a basic autograph signing as my story. Prior to Nuge being in Edmonton we watched him in Red Deer. During one the games that he was out of the line up, possibly injured, he was walking by us while going up to the press box and he took the time to sign my sons jersey. My son was pretty young and really shy. My sons eyes lit up afterwards and was super happy to have a Rebels jersey signed by Nugent-Hopkins and to this day, I can't count how many times he has put on the jersey and played mini sticks in the house while imagining he was Nuge. Something so simple can be so positive.
  21. Is this or could this possibly be the worst group of Oilers of all time or at least in recent memory? We finished with 62 points in both the 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 years and I think we were last in the league both of those years. After 20 games we are 4-14-2 for 10 points total. We are on pace for something like 42 points this season. I feel bad for these guys because I know the record isn't a true indication of how we can play...but it is how we are playing. This team seems to again be accpepting that they are out of the playoffs and not making that extra effort out there to make plays. There are guys on the team making the effort like Arcobello but it looks like we have already thrown in the towel. Someone needs to step up and by step up I don't mean skate by yourself down the ice and rifle a shot either wide of the net or so hard that it rebounds off the goalie and back outside of the zone. Seems to me, we started playing better last year when Kruger had the guys dumping the puck in and forcing them to battle behind the net. We can't get any worse, can we?
  22. Okay we all heard it during the first press conference. Right before MacT said "It doesn't matter what I say today..." he said something that mattered. He said that he is going to take risks (which he reitterated last night during the game) and that some fans are not going to like what he does. So lets here the predictions. He said last night he wants a team that has veterans added next year to compete in the playoffs. Not to rebuild. Next year is the time he plans on going for it... for the first attempt anyways. The team is not right there. We all know what he needs to add, what he can add and what we would like him to add. But only so many can be fixed by UFA's. So who is available for trading and who is going to be shopped, bought out, resigned? Do you think he is talking about the obvious: Smyth gone due to play Horcoff gone due to salary Belanger Eager Brown maybe due to the lack of need for a fighter in todays NHL Smithson as he can't skate and he is terrible defensively Jones as he didn't really come back from the eye injury Or do you think he is talking about the middle guys? Paajarvi due to his huge value after this year Hemsky due to his injuries Hatkinen as he is good but he also has value and is replaceable on the UFA market Nick Shultz as there is a good chance he will be our 5-6 guy next year making over 3 mill Smid less likely but for the reason above. Of do you think he has a bigger plan in mind? Justin is not going, he is the D. Hall is not going. But what if he means to trade one of Gagner, RNH or Eberle? I don't even know what their values would be. I think gagners age, consistency, lack of injuries, experience and the fact that he would probably sign long term for 4 mil makes him irreplacable for what he offers us. I know he is an obvious asset to trade but you have to think that this kid lives with 2 other Oilers. He is the team and will be a future top 20 player, he just doesn't get the line mates or the hype. But RNH has almost no hits to his name. His performance has off this year and most points he got were on the back of hall. He coughs up the puck a lot in their end and was not the RNH we had last year. What would he be worth? A top 3 and a first round? Maybe two elite players? How about Eberle? He is amazing, but could we get someone just as good and more for him? Personnally I think the answer to trading any of these players should any GM call should be histarical laughter and a quick disconnect. Then call them back with all the staff laughing on speaker phone. However would he do it?
  23. I don't think it is possible but I really don't want to see this team get booed off the ice next season even if they are in the midst of a losing streak. Booing the teams does nothing but demotivate them, think about it. If someone came to my work and booed me for making mistakes....it would piss me off and make me consider quiting as opposed to working harder. I live out of town and can't make it to games but watching the team get booed on TV was awful and it gives you that awkward embarrasing feeling to watch it and be a fan. Embarrased in the sense that I know it is Edmonton fans doing this to the team. As hard as it is, just cheer for them and cheer even more when they do well. Edmonton fans are great when the team is winning, look at the last game of the season, but we need to be better. Let's be enthusiastic about demanding a management change if the team isn't going anywhere! We are rebuilding and management hasn't been able to aquire enough talent around our youth. If the team continues to lose we need to address it by demanding an upper management house cleaning. At somepoint, if the losing continues, Lowe needs to go. I would strongly urge the fans to cheer "Lowe Needs to Go, Lowe Needs to Go!!" if we continue down the losing path this upcoming year. Send a message that way as opposed to getting on the players. Make signs and be creative with the accronyms, so they can be used on the major networks and be spotted! If players aren't performing, then they need to be moved. I am pretty sure the players know that as a team they need to play better but if the talent isn't there, it might be beyond their control at times. Every team has a stinker during the season whether they are tired or just not into the game, so have some patience. Let's ramp up with some heavy team support this off season and continue it throughout the entire season. Let's let management know upfront and early that if the team isn't improving, they are going to be held accountable in our eyes.
  24. I don't think I'm alone when I say I'm looking forward to some crazy moves this summer, we're likely in store for something insane here in edmonton with MacT at the helm. My first question for this post. Does Hemsky + 2nd rounder/other minor asset, get you Kevin Klein out of Nashville? The Hemsky situation is complicated here, as a lot of teams will see him as a player who lacks work ethic and frequently gets injured. Nashville has always been high on hemsky, as they are one of the few teams he's consistently strong against. Thoughts?
  25. As per the Oilers website: To be honest, I know nothing about Keith Acton - the player or the coach. I had just turned 2 when he won a cup with the Oilers. Though it might be easy to think 'the more things change, the more they stay the same' with regard to a former Oiler being in the mix and the assistant coaches retaining their jobs - I'm happy to give a guy who has played 1000 GP and been an NHL coach for at least that many and has a prior working relationship with Eakins the benefit of the doubt.
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