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Found 9 results

  1. So our season is on the edge of being done. What kind of acquisitions can we hope to expect. When the Oilers traded Maroon they got the rights to JD Dudek. I'm guessing he will end up on the roster. Patrick Maroon becomes a free agent in July and wants to return to Edmonton. I am wondering if his trade wasn't a smart business plan with P.C. knowing he would be easily available again for the 2018/19 season. Will he be brought back?
  2. OilsKickA_66

    Oilers Coaching

    We have seen Todd McLellan coaching the Oilers for their third season. Is he worth what the franchise has paid? Yes, they did well last year, but this year they are, dare I say, an embarrassment. Who do we attribute it to? Is it a lack of guiding and managing by the coach or an unwillingness to listen. I'm trying to rationalize what has happened to the team this year and I keep coming back to poor coaching technique. I do not think he is worth what he is being paid. Where is the guidance for these kids?
  3. Oilerzfan28

    Oilers Hockey Memorabilia

    Hello my fellow Oilers fans! There is a small online/live auction going on at Lethbridge Auction Depot with a decent amount of autographed Oilers/NHL memorabilia. Yes, it is my stuff at this auction -- but I want it to go to real fans! I don't want it to get into the hands of people who just want to mark it up to take advantage of Oilers fans' loyalty. The auction is online, with a final live-auction in April in Lethbridge (where all the memorabilia can be viewed). I've made the initial bids cheap because I don't have room to store everything and need to liquidate. I want a real fan to get this stuff! Not some scalper-type person who will later rip off a real fan.
  4. Just wanted to say have been a die hard edmonton oilers fan for over 20 years now following every game with a passion. what we saw last night was the biggest let down in edmonton oilers history. shame on you guys. some of us die hards almost fainted in disbelief from what we saw, like win 3-2 thats ok from their momentum, not lose 4-3, again im sick to my stomach from this team how they let that happen absolutely no support in front of talbot who played amazing, the front d men should feel ashamed of themselves for that. If the oilers lose the series, will never be an edmonton oilers fan again and i swear as they have hurt us so much emotionally and physically. Just not worth it giving up our work time to catch the games, losing our voices, sleepless nights thinking about the dumb loses, shifting the mood in our days from the upsets etc... Anyways i have about 1000 edmonton oiler followers who agree with me on never becoming an oilers fan again should they lose the series. and trust me they are all die hards. please screeners do not delete this message, pass it to the team, they deserve to hear it, hopefully it wakes them up to win the series as all our hearts are with them to win it and cover their biggest mistake which they had full control of. anyways take care
  5. Anybody living in Calgary know of a great place to watch Oilers games? Any "Oiler friendly" pubs out there?
  6. Warehammer

    Reinhart Recalled

    Thank goodness we weren't going to see Nikitin AND Clendenning in the lineup. http://oilers.nhl.com/club/blogpost.htm?id=45690 Edit: Hahaha, old news! That's what I get for working nights!
  7. I've done some reading and it seems everyone has their opinion about Connor McDavid and his chances of winning the Calder Trophy this year. Some rule him out completely, while others give unrealistic expectation on what he has to do like score at a pace of 3-4ppg for the remaining 40. This is my opinion. Connor can no longer be a runaway contender for the trophy but I believe he can get himself into contention by doing three things when he gets back. 1: He has to maintain a 1 ppg average for the remainder of the season. If he could be closer to the 2 ppg average would help him greatly. 2: He has to show how much he means to this team. In the remaining games he needs to show his leadership and help this team climb the standings. Not necessarily into a playoff position but out of the basement of the league and into a middle of the pack. The closer to a playoff position we get, the better his chances are of winning the Calder. Obviously this will take a team effort, but if McDavid rises from this injury and leads this team, I believe the rest of the Oilers will follow his lead. 3: Stay healthy. If Connor is to have any chance at all he will need to stay healthy and on his game for the remainder of the season. I'd like to hear what Oiler Nation has to say about this. Who do you think will win this year if not Connor?
  8. Adding toughness and Size to our line up here in Edmonton is not only a Chiarelli trademark but a MUST IMO! It would be a dream come true to add a Milan Lucic or a Kyle Okposo to the line up along side Zack Kassian to really step up our gritty play, especially on the upper scoring lines. Now my question to you all is: Who would we have a better chance at obtaining? Could we possibly get either? What would it take to get them? Thanks guys!
  9. The new GM Chiarelli has said he is looking for the Oilers to play a harder game. Now, with Todd McClellan as new head coach, what general system do you see TM putting in that allows the majority of the current roster to play to their strengths while minimizing their weaknesses? This doesn't cover any trades/free agent signings/promotions/draft picks that may happen between now and the season start. Feel free to add/discuss these after you've suggested a general system and how these tweeks improve the Oilers.