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What'd y'all get for Christmas??

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Years all! Just wondering who was good boys and girls this year and how did Santa reward you?

I got a Oculus Touch controllers to go with my Oculus Rift. So the first thing I did was play the Accounting VR game which was made by the Rick & Morty guys. Fun stuff. I got a 12' X 12' space set up for VR now, so it's pretty sweet. Spent this morning playing VR hockey in VR Sports Challenge - pretty slick... the only issue was I kept trying to make kick saves and the VR system doesn't detect your legs or anything.

I also got a new SLR camera, and we have a baby Tortoise arriving to our family today. Hope everyone else had a fantastic Christmas :)

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99 Stories - a book by Wayne Gretzky. I'm halfway through and I'm loving it. So much of the hockey history, not just Oilers. If I had time, I'd be done with it in 3 days. 

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