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How to manage Live Chat:

We now have live chat that will be open during all Oiler regular/playoff games. 

Posting and Options in chat:

1) You can log into chat by clicking "Chat" on the header bar.

2) To chat, simply type in the text box and hit enter or "Post Message".

3) To turn off notification sounds, click on the icon that looks like a bell on the right hand side.

Leaving chat:

1) To leave and sign out of chat, click on the "Leave" button on the right side under the list of chat users.

2) To stay in chat, but still browse the forums, just click on the forum you want to enter, it will keep you logged in chat and you can enter chat again and read back to the conversation you missed. *If you leave chat everytime and then go back in, you will only see the conversation from when you join and on*

Private Message in Chat:

You can communicate with other people in chat via private message. Just click on the username of the person you want to chat with, and click private message. A new tab will be added to the chat with the username of the person you are in chat with and you can toggle back and forth between your private chat and live chat.

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