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Hi Zack, My name is Ryan.  I am 9 years old and i am a huge Oilers fan.  i want to thank you for your game stick that you gave me on Dec 10, 2017 vs the Maple Leafs in Toronto. Unfortunately the Oilers lost but i had a very fun time.  Thank you and i hope the Oilers have a good rest of the season.  I will be watching your games and cheering you on.  My dad will be mounting your stick in my room.  We were sitting right beside where you and your team mates come out of your change room.  it was very exciting when you guys gave us fists pumps coming on and off the ice.  Anyway, thanks very much and GO OILERS GO.

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Happy for yah Ryan. You must have had such a great time! Congrats!! And make sure you keep on cheering for the Oilers! GO OILERS GO BUDDY. 

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