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You will notice on the top bar, there is a CLUB option. 

1. Once you are in Clubs, there will be an option to create new.

2. Enter a name for the club 

3. Choose the club type (explanations shown below)

Public:  Everyone can see these clubs and their posts. Members can participate within that club without the need to join

Open:  Everyone can see these clubs and their posts, however you have to join the club in order to participate. Anyone can join.

Closed: Everyone can see the club, and can see who is in that club, but only members of that club can participate. Users need to ask a leader of that club in order to join.

Private: These clubs can only be seen by member of that club. Users would need to be invited by a leader of that club.

Read Only: These are read only clubs that can only be added to by the leader of that club. Members cannot add content.

4. Enter a description

5. Choose Club icon and location

6. Once created, click the club to enter. Initially, you will be presented with just the home tab, which shows a stream of all activity within that club. You now need to select "Manage Club" to add more tabs to the club, such as forums, an images section etc.


Adding Moderators and Leaders:

Within clubs, the creator change members of that club to be moderators or leaders. The difference in these is as follows.

Leaders - A leader can moderate content and manage members in the club, including making other members leaders. The creator of the club initially, is a leader

Moderators - A moderator can moderate content only. They cannot make any structural changes to the group, nor make any other members leader or moderator.

You can change a member to a leader or moderator, from the member's tab within any club.




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